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Using The Master Key System

Omnipotent energy governs Universal Law

If you have never heard of The Master Key System, it may sound like some kind of a weight loss program. Well I guess it could be a weight loss program, but not in flesh and physical loss, more like getting rid of old beliefs, problems and events that sabotage everything you try to do in life. So let me explain what it is.

The Master Key System puts you in tune with the one and only Universal Law and the omnipotent creative energy that governs that law, which will bring about events and opportunities that will work in your favor. It will help you to create the life you want, not the life you were supposedly given, based on the state of your subconscious and conscious mind and how we think and feel about things. It’s an unbiased Universal law and everyone on this planet has access to it and the power to tap into it. The problem is most of us don’t know about it or how to use it effectively. Some of us have been using it off and on throughout our lives, but didn’t realize what we were doing. In retrospect, I know I certainly have and wish I had fallen into this philosophy a lot sooner in my life than I did.  It really isn’t a difficult system, but since most of us have formed mental habits from the environment we grew up in, and society’s expectations of us, we have some rewiring to do on our brains. It takes diligent practice to learn how to use this effectively.  There have been many books and articles written that talk about the law of attraction, visualization and thinking positive thoughts etc. all of which are good and fine, but they only scratch the surface of it all.

So here’s the skinny. The subconscious mind rules your feelings and emotions and is based on the experiences we’ve had and images that we’ve seen. This forms our belief system about ourselves and our lives.  So joy, fear, disappointment, happiness, excitement just to name a few, come about as a result of the subconscious mind. But the conscious mind is the logical part of our brain and controls our thoughts. This is the part of the brain that causes us to take action and is the part of the brain that we are “aware” of.  The conscious mind, makes an impression on the subconscious mind with our thoughts. So how we THINK, affects how we FEEL about things and how we FEEL about things affects our VIBRATIONAL ENERGY and that energy is what brings either a positive or a negative experience to us.  

The one creative gift that everyone has is our minds. And the mind is a powerful thing. Our mental attitude about things is what creates the conditions in our lives… every single day. There is no limitation in our mind, in our head we can travel anywhere we want to go and at any time.  When we start limiting our thoughts, our creativity slams to a stop and so does our productivity and solution to whatever goal we’re trying to accomplish or problem we are trying to solve. If you can’t go “there” in your head, you certainly aren’t going to follow through with your actions, because your head has already talked you out of it. When we clutter our head with negative thoughts of any kind, it blocks out any positive or creative thoughts from coming in. This is why meditation is so useful and does so much good. We learn to quiet the mind, so other opportunities can come in. It’s no wonder that authors have to take time out in a quiet location such as cabin in the woods or at a beach house to come up with their next best seller book.  Their creativity is at its best when they are given time to think and not be bothered my trivial annoyances in life.Our day to day experiences is a measure of our thoughts. The inside definitely controls and affects the outside events we experience. If you are not sure how you think on a daily basis, look around at your environment, as that is very telling and be honest with yourself how it came to be that way and how you contributed to it.

When we think a certain way about something, this causes a feeling and that feeling decides if you are letting off positive or negative energy. Depending on what type of energetic waves you are sending out can affect and cause the events and conditions that come back to you. When you are on a negative wave length, it goes out into the universe and if there is another negative wavelength on that same frequency at the same time as yours, it boomerangs negative events right back to you. This is why people will comment that they started out with a bad morning and it just kept getting worse as the day went on. They were focusing on it!  Same with a positive wave length, if you think positively, any positive vibration that goes out into the universe will bring about positive events and conditions back to you. The good news is, positive energy vibrates much higher than negative energy does. So the results with positive energy is way more powerful.  Most of us flat line most of the time. We don’t control our thoughts and feelings one way or the other, so we have good and bad events that happen throughout our lives and we just kind of accept it and go with it. If something isn’t happening quite as we had planned, we have learned to find other things to blame on the failure, but we rarely see that we created our own conditions of failure or success by the way we think. For example: we are on a canoe floating down a river, and if we don’t paddle and take control of where we are going, the river takes over and it could take us into calm waters or it may take us into choppy waters. We are leaving our fate up to the canoe and the river to decide where we are going to go. But if we navigate the canoe ourselves, we control our destination and how and when we will get there. So it’s important to take control of your thoughts and feelings so that life is happening for you and not to you. Your path is not planned for you. Otherwise we would not have been given a brain. Life unfolds in front of us, and we create the paths that we take as we travel. You are manifesting each day of your life by your thoughts and attitude. Life is a canvas of white paper and we hold the paint brush to create the scene we want to live in. When people say well I guess it’s god’s will about this or that, they are wrong. No, no, no, no and no. It’s nobody’s will but your own.

Every human has a nervous system that communicates to the rest of our body and affects all of our senses.  Our thoughts are sent through the nervous system and that affects how we feel, it can be physically pleasant or bad depending on what you are thinking. This would explain why the placebo effect is very real. People have overcome disease with mind control because the nervous system is very much affected but what is going on inside of our minds. It’s where disease began in the mind, before it moved to the body. In fact the mind is so powerful this can actually create cellular change within the body. Wrong thinking can destroy everything if you are not careful. Every human being is a creation of the omnipresent creative mind of the universe. We are not separate from it, we are all part of the same. Once you come into this power and you realize you have it, more harmony will come into your life. So when we connect to that omnipotent energy through our own creative thoughts and vibrations, it will answer back to you in kind and bring you back what you are focusing on. It has to, it has no other way of connecting to you. If you put out a positive thought, the creative energy receives it on its end and gives you more of what you vibrated on, which would be positive conditions. It works the same for a negative thought. If you are vibrating negatively or focusing on the lack of something, then the universal energy thinks you want more of the lack you are focusing on and that is exactly what you will get… more lack of.  It has no opinion about it, it is simply giving you what you are asking for and what you ask for is what you focus on and what you focus on is what you are vibrating out, by what you think and how you feel.  You are connected to the Universal mind and creative energy with your own subconscious mind. If we don’t take control of our thoughts, feelings and vibrational energy, then our fate falls onto the consciousness of everyone and everything including the environment around you. You will become a result of that environment and the energy that it holds.

I for one am very sensitive to the environment around me, if I work in a place where everyone is crabby, pretty soon I am crabby. I need to be careful about who I spend my time with and where I spend my time. I have what is called a Helper personality and I am greatly affected by the vibes of everyone around me. When I walk into a party or group event I can feel or identify the loner in the party room almost immediately and before you know it, I am making a beeline over to that person to uplift their mood so that I can feel better. It sounds selfish I know, but what I am saying is, I am happier when everyone and everything around me is happy. Things need to be balanced in my immediate atmosphere, or I spend most of my free time trying to fix wherever and whomever is off-balance. But it also makes me sad to see people who are not living life to the fullest and doing what they want. The way I see it, this is the only life you are given, at least that we are aware of anyway, if you believe in that sort of thing. So make the most of it and have the life you are meant to have, it is not predestined for you. You and you alone are the creator and writer of your own story.

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Author: Jean

I was born and raised mostly in Minnesota, the youngest of 5 girls. I never went onto college as my sisters did, because the only two things I had ever wanted to do was work with horses or pursue music and I figured I would not need a conventional education for either of those. I chose to pursue a career in horse training three days after graduating from high school and did this for many years. Horribly misguided by others I met along the way, I eventually became disillusioned with the horse industry and it's lack of respect for the horses, so I moved on from that and I never looked back. I then went into music, which was my second love and was an aspiring singer/songwriter part time for another 10 years while I worked administrative jobs on the side. This also went to the wayside when it did not take me where I wanted to go. These days I am married and currently live in Colorado with my husband, two dogs and a horse. In looking back on my life I could never understand why I would get so close to reaching my dreams and goals, but then watch them slip away as easily as they had come. As a young horse trainer starting out, I had two very good opportunities to work for a woman who was former world champion rodeo star and also for a close relative of another rodeo star, who had been a world champion many times over. I rejected both of these opportunities early on, but with great regret later, because my head was not in the right place to accept them. Even though I had manifested both opportunities during that time and without realizing what I was doing, was unable to keep them. The same thing happened in the music industry. I had the experience of recording demos in both Austin Texas and Nashville at separate times, and I was given the opportunity to be represented by a few producers in Nashville as well, both eventually going nowhere. These hit and miss opportunities that never really got off the ground, soon became an up and down journey that I went through for several years, until I started studying Universal laws of manifestation. Early on, the first book my cousin had handed me about negative and positive attraction was indeed inspiring, but telling someone to simply think positively is not going to leave a lasting impression, so I fell back into my old ways of finding opportunity and losing opportunity. Years later, I eventually moved onto another book and things went a little deeper, but I was still not quite “getting it” because I had so many questions and felt things were missing in the authors explanation of how this all works. I eventually found The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel and that's when things really came together for me. His explanation of why Universal and Natural Laws of Attraction work by bringing science and spirituality together, instead of separating them as we have been taught, really made a lot of sense to me. All of my questions were answered and the holes were filled in. It was the connection of science and spirituality that made this book a little different than the others. Nothing I had read, had gone quite that deep before. I started to use The Master Key System and saw that opportunities were coming to me a lot more easily than in the past and I was able to keep them. In using these principles, I launched my first successful small business when I was well into my 40’s, as an equine massage therapist and at a time when I thought that I was going to be stuck working mindless admin jobs for the rest of my life. It was amazing how it brought me full circle into working with horses again. I have continued to use The Master Key Principles for every part of my life, both physically and mentally. I am a lifetime, work in progress student and a true believer of these wonderful methods.

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