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Positive Thinking for Chronic Pain Part 1





The next two blog postings are going to be dedicated to those who suffer with chronic pain as I do and how you can use positive thinking and laws of attraction to help manage your pain more effectively and for a better quality of life.

I have many friends and relatives that suffer from chronic pain in one form or another. Conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis are some of what they suffer from. I personally deal with the early onsets of rheumatoid arthritis and have a collapsed arch in my right foot and a neck that has 100% loss of curvature, from old injuries back in my wild and younger days when I thought I could abuse my body forever. These types of conditions can really take their toll on people and leave a person bed ridden for days on end or just in a state where they don’t feel like doing much of anything at all and this diminishes their quality of life. When you are in chronic pain, the brain never gets a break, as it constantly has to deal with signals from the body telling it “I hurt here” and “I hurt there”, which can be very exhausting. That kind of constant focus that the brain has, makes a person very aware of how much pain they are truly in and becomes hard to get away from or think of anything else. Working toward taking the focus off of that pain and placing it on feeling better, can help manage the pain a lot easier.

I have suffered from chronic pain about 13 years. It started out as neck pain on the left side in particular and eventually moved down into my left arm all the way to my wrist and fingers. Sometimes it was a dull achy pain that was relentless, other times it was a gouging sharp pain that seemed to say “hey I am here, hey I am talking to you”. On a really bad day, my left shoulder would get swollen and then eventually the headaches would set in. It got so bad that it would resonate down my arm and shoot straight into my elbow and wrist and I would have to lay down on the bed just to alleviate the pressure. It completely changed my personality, made me crabby and irritable on a daily basis and I am sure my husband would be happy to tell you that I was difficult to live with during the worst of this.  I tried several things to alleviate it, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, Chinese herbs, yoga to name a few. These things would help manage the pain and I would feel a little better for a short time, but like an unwanted step child, it would eventually show back up again despite my efforts to get rid of it. I would have good days and bad days, but it never really went away and was always a clear and present danger. I beat up my body pretty bad when I was younger, by riding young horses for a living and working with livestock. I have been bucked off, kicked, bitten and had horses fall down and land on top of me while riding. I also did a somersault over the top of a race horse once when I was 19, because he decided to run off the track at the last minute and straight into a parked car that was on the infield. Or maybe it was the time that 800 pound heifer mowed me down like a tooth pick when I was learning to sort cattle on a ranch so many years ago. Whichever of these it was and maybe it was all of them, my body was paying for it now.

I am an extremely active person, I ride, swim in the ocean, hike, bike, zip line you name it. If it’s fun, then I am up for it at any place and any time. In 2007, my husband and I decided to do a back packing trip in Ojai California. They had some wonderful trails there and are relatively easy compared to some of the back pack trips we had taken in the Sierra Mountains previously, so I was pretty stoked about this one. There was nothing about the trip that was unusually difficult, the paths were flat and even, with the exception of crawling over a few boulders and across a stream or two, we got to our campsite pretty quickly that day. However, after this trip was over and we had gotten back to the city, I noticed that my right hip and lower right back were hurting along with my right foot.  This caused me to limp on the right side whenever I would go out for a walk of any length. At first it just felt like a Charlie horse type of cramp and I just played it off like it was no big deal, but as the days went by, it was still there. Before I knew it, months had passed and the pain never left. It has NEVER left, and attached itself to me for the long run. It’s been 9 years now since that hike and I cannot remember what it felt like when my right hip and leg were normal. This was just one more thing to add on top of the neck and shoulder issues I had been dealing with, so I was pretty bummed about it.

I saw a podiatrist, orthopedic doctor, medical doctor and chiropractor, but we could not get it resolved or find out what was really wrong with me. I had completely given up on spending any more money to see doctors that could not help me or give me solid answers about my situation. It felt useless, I wanted a more permanent solution rather than expensive temporary ones.  There I was, an aching neck and shoulder on my left side, a bum leg on the right side. Good grief, I was broken and no one could fix me.

We eventually moved to Colorado where I continued to live with this pain and whether I liked it or not, it did limit me from the things I loved the most. I did go to see a few more specialists here, but they really couldn’t help me either, so I eventually stopped seeing the chiropractor here too. At one point, one doctor actually had said to me, “you need to face the fact that you may not be able to do the things you used to do anymore”. This was and still is completely unacceptable. You cannot tell a person like me, who loves to experience life in every way possible that she may have to just “stop” experiencing life. I decided to give it one more try and eventually saw a podiatrist here in Colorado, who had diagnosed that I had a collapsed arch in my foot, it was biological and could not be corrected and this was causing the lower back and hip pain. His only solution was to have surgery and put plates in my foot for support. The cost of the surgery was 10,000 and no guarantee it would work. I opted out.  After spending literally thousands of dollars and several years of trying to make things better, I had pretty much resigned to the fact that I was going to be this way the rest of my life and I would keep pushing through the pain, to do the things that I love. Every day my poor husband would listen to me complain about my aches and pains and I would ask if he could rub my shoulders or if he’d wait while I quick stretched my back and legs, just so I could go for a walk with him. Some days I didn’t want to do anything at all, I could barely get off the couch. Being in pain had become a way of life for me and I was having a hard time visualizing this was how it was going to be going forward and forever.

Finally one day I was sitting on the couch feeling run down and tired from the same old aches and pains, when I decided that I’d had enough and would focus on getting better both mentally and physically. I decided to use positive attraction and focus my energy towards these physical pain issues to overrule them and get my life back again. It had worked for me when doing monetary or materialistic manifestation in the past, why wouldn’t it work for physical manifestation? I began to focus positively on what I wanted, rather than what I didn’t want. I switched my thoughts to “I want to be pain free. I want to feel good. I want my old body back again and I want to know what my leg used to feel like before this pain began”. I thought about how much I love to live life and how young and active I was for my age.  I focused on how I had always taken good care of myself in terms of nutrition and exercise and how the health of my body is the most important thing in my life. I would think about and visualize the things I used to do when I was very active. I even wrote it down in a journal to make it a stronger affirmation. I spent hours looking over photos of all the great adventure trips we had taken over the years and focused on images of me doing athletic things and all the places we had traveled to. It gave me a lot of joy to see these images and then I remembered how nice it was when we took this trip or that trip. I let those feelings hang over me like a blanket until I felt giddy and asked for Universal Law to send more of that same feeling and the circumstances that would produce those same feelings.  I hung onto this way of thinking whenever I would hurt or have a bad day and I refused to think about the pain and focused on what it was like before I had the pain. I kept this up for almost a month, when a life changing event happened and it came to me in a very strange and unexpected way.

It was Memorial Day weekend and my husband Kio and I were coming back from downtown Denver where we had spent most of the day. We were driving through the neighborhood where we lived and as we were turning a corner, which literally put us about 40 feet from our driveway, we felt another car slam into the back of our SUV, folding the tailgate and hatch like a taco.  It was a young kid, most likely text messaging, because he had not tried to slow down at all before hitting us.  We did not hear or see anything until BOOM we felt something hit the back of the car. Both of our heads snapped back and instantly, I felt a warm sensation travel along the back of my neck and followed by a dull sensation. I remember thinking “oh great, more damage to my already screwed up neck”.  As expected, the other driver was ticketed and we were cleared of any fault. He was insured fortunately, so his insurance agreed for us both to see a chiropractor and receive whatever treatment was necessary.

I was done going to chiropractors, but since we had been in an accident and the other driver’s insurance was paying for the treatment, I decided I had nothing to lose and made appts for Kio and I to go in. Besides I was already feeling awful, I didn’t need for this accident to make it worse, so in the very least I wanted to have my neck put back where it was before the accident, even if it was screwed up already. I got online and found a chiropractor with excellent reviews that was also a bio mechanic specialist. After meeting with the new chiropractor and having x rays taken, he explained to me that I had 100% loss of curvature on my neck, meaning that my neck was bent the wrong way and the injuries were over 20 years old. I had never been told this before. Of course there was new damage from the accident that added to the neck issues, but the loss of curvature was causing the shoulder pain, as it was constantly pulling on the trapezius muscles.  The chiro was very optimistic and explained that although he could not get me 100% again, he could get me a lot better than I was and move the neck back considerably. While treating this new injury, the entire neck and old injuries would benefit as well.

It took me a few months before I realized, that I had manifested this opportunity for my neck issue into my life, with my sheer focus and vibrational will power to get better. I felt some relief in my neck within a few weeks of treatment and by the time my treatment for the car accident was over, the pain and swelling in my shoulders was a lot less. My chiro wanted me to keep going with more treatment on my own expense, because my neck still had room for a lot more improvement. I was grateful for what he had accomplished, but we couldn’t afford to keep going now that the car accident insurance was done paying for it. Now this is where it gets better.

Amazingly 6 months after being released from the car accident treatment, I was rear ended again while sitting at a red light. This time was not as hard as the last time and caused only slight damage to a different part of my neck. Again, the other driver was at fault and her insurance was willing to cover my treatment. Now I was able to continue the treatment my chiro had recommended and it wasn’t costing me a dime. Two times, someone else paid for the treatment that I could not afford due to their negligent driving. My neck has now moved 50% and the pressure has been relieved considerably. I also found out that this same chiropractor makes a very aggressive shoe insert that is affordable and will help alleviate the pain in my right foot where the arch is collapsing. Universal law works in strange and miraculous ways when it receives your vibrational signal loud and clear and mine must have been screaming. I was determined to feel better, get things under control and resume some of the activities I used to do and I accomplished that. How did I do that? With the power of my mind and my vibrational energy. These car accidents were a blessing. It was the only way that I would ever consider going back to another doctor again for help on those issues. Without the car accidents, I would have never gone back.

In the next blog post, I’m going to continue talking about using positive enforcement to help with chronic pain and how to direct your own thoughts on a much deeper level to manifest relief.

Author: Jean

I was born and raised mostly in Minnesota, the youngest of 5 girls. I never went onto college as my sisters did, because the only two things I had ever wanted to do was work with horses or pursue music and I figured I would not need a conventional education for either of those. I chose to pursue a career in horse training three days after graduating from high school and did this for many years. Horribly misguided by others I met along the way, I eventually became disillusioned with the horse industry and it's lack of respect for the horses, so I moved on from that and I never looked back. I then went into music, which was my second love and was an aspiring singer/songwriter part time for another 10 years while I worked administrative jobs on the side. This also went to the wayside when it did not take me where I wanted to go. These days I am married and currently live in Colorado with my husband, two dogs and a horse. In looking back on my life I could never understand why I would get so close to reaching my dreams and goals, but then watch them slip away as easily as they had come. As a young horse trainer starting out, I had two very good opportunities to work for a woman who was former world champion rodeo star and also for a close relative of another rodeo star, who had been a world champion many times over. I rejected both of these opportunities early on, but with great regret later, because my head was not in the right place to accept them. Even though I had manifested both opportunities during that time and without realizing what I was doing, was unable to keep them. The same thing happened in the music industry. I had the experience of recording demos in both Austin Texas and Nashville at separate times, and I was given the opportunity to be represented by a few producers in Nashville as well, both eventually going nowhere. These hit and miss opportunities that never really got off the ground, soon became an up and down journey that I went through for several years, until I started studying Universal laws of manifestation. Early on, the first book my cousin had handed me about negative and positive attraction was indeed inspiring, but telling someone to simply think positively is not going to leave a lasting impression, so I fell back into my old ways of finding opportunity and losing opportunity. Years later, I eventually moved onto another book and things went a little deeper, but I was still not quite “getting it” because I had so many questions and felt things were missing in the authors explanation of how this all works. I eventually found The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel and that's when things really came together for me. His explanation of why Universal and Natural Laws of Attraction work by bringing science and spirituality together, instead of separating them as we have been taught, really made a lot of sense to me. All of my questions were answered and the holes were filled in. It was the connection of science and spirituality that made this book a little different than the others. Nothing I had read, had gone quite that deep before. I started to use The Master Key System and saw that opportunities were coming to me a lot more easily than in the past and I was able to keep them. In using these principles, I launched my first successful small business when I was well into my 40’s, as an equine massage therapist and at a time when I thought that I was going to be stuck working mindless admin jobs for the rest of my life. It was amazing how it brought me full circle into working with horses again. I have continued to use The Master Key Principles for every part of my life, both physically and mentally. I am a lifetime, work in progress student and a true believer of these wonderful methods.

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