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Belief A Powerful Manifestation Tool


The belief to soar above all

Most people dislike insurance companies and like most people, I also have a strong dislike and mistrust of them, mostly due to their reputation of not wanting to pay claims.  When a car accident happens and another driver is at fault, the first thing that runs through most people’s minds is, I wonder if the other driver’s insurance is going to cover all of my expenses?

I have been in two car accidents in the past 3 years. The first one occurred on Memorial Weekend in 2014. We were coming home after spending the day in Denver, when we were rear ended hard, within 30 feet of our driveway and literally as my husband was turning the corner onto our street. It was a young kid, most likely text messaging. He hit our car with enough force to fold the rear fender and hatch door like a taco. Both of our necks snapped back from the jolt and immediately I knew that my neck had been damaged.

The other driver’s insurance company immediately opened a medical claim for us to go see a chiropractor and get checked out. We did just that and after a few days of having X-rays taken and receiving treatment, the chiropractor told us that we were looking at 3 months of treatment to correct the damage. This was going to cost us a considerable amount of money and we would be required to put down a 6000.00 retainer fee or get representation from a lawyer, until this case was settled. Since we didn’t have 6000 grand to put down, we opted to get an attorney to help us handle this claim. The attorney did a fairly decent job and he did settle the claim for us, and we came out on top with our medical bills paid and some compensation to boot.

About 9 months after the first accident, I was rear ended again while waiting at a stop light. I didn’t see it coming at all, so when I was hit, once again my neck snapped back and I immediately felt a warm sensation travel from the top of my neck down to the base. A woman in a hurry for her first day of work on a new job was running late and hit the gas pedal, instead of the brake pedal, as she approached the red light. I could not believe my terrible luck, so I got out to see what kind of damage was done to my car. I had a few scratches in the paint and just a couple of very small marble sized dents in the middle. Her car had more damage to her bumper and had a significant dent.

 After exchanging insurance information and getting a copy of the report from the police officer who came to the scene, I noticed that her insurance company was the same one as the kid who had hit us 9 months prior to this accident. I also noticed the officer wrote minimal damage for both vehicles and I wondered if this would cause an issue for me on the claim. This had me a bit worried so I put a call into the same attorney who had represented us the last time. He made an apt for me to come into this office and discuss my options, but after hearing that it was the same insurance company as before and finding out I had not sustained more than 800.00 worth of damage to my bumper, he was reluctant to take my case again. I sat there listening to him talk, as he went on and on about how my pre-existing condition with my neck and it being the same insurance company as last time on the previous accident, could all be held against me. I was exasperated to say the least, because I felt that this was very unfair, I had done nothing wrong, and my neck was hurt from someone else hitting me. It made no difference, he was not going to take the case.

 Surely other lawyers would see it differently, so I called three more.  Nope, nobody wanted it, and one lawyer actually hung up on me. The chiropractor was recommending at least another 26 to 32 appts for the new damage to my neck.  And he was willing to treat me unrepresented, but I had to be realistic that we could get stuck with part of this huge medical bill, if the insurance was going to be as bad as the lawyers had told me they would.

After feeling down about it for a few days, I decided to take control of the situation myself. I very optimistically went ahead and scheduled my chiro and rehab appts, while racking up a rather large medical bill. I was going to represent myself and would deal with the insurance company when my treatment was over. I remained optimistic and focused on my treatment and getting better.

When my treatments were over, I sat down and with an optimistic and fair approach, I wrote out a settlement letter. I included the mileage, the hours spent, the full medical bill, the work that was lost and pain and suffering. I was polite, but confident and wrote the letter in such a way that it was believable to me. I wrote the letter as if I was the person on the other end receiving it and how it would sound to them. I sealed the letter in an envelope, along with a good dose of positive energy and sent it off to the insurance adjuster. Then I waited…

During this waiting period, I talked to a close friend who is an attorney about my letter and how much I was asking for. She informed me I had shot too low, way too low. She reminded me that insurance companies pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims every day and that a settlement like mine was peanuts and once I asked for a certain amount in writing, I could not go back and ask for more later. She also said that most likely they would offer half of what I asked, so that is the reason to shoot higher. I am not a person who is good at dickering. I have always felt that the whole game of, I will start high and you come in low, so we can go back and forth to reach the middle is kind of stupid and unnecessary. Especially since both parties are aware of this dickering game and you are going to wind up in the middle anyway. My theory is, just ask for what you really want and don’t pussy foot around.  When I sell something, I always ask exactly what I want for the item, not a higher amount to play that game of wheel and deal, it’s just not my style. So even though I knew my attorney friend was right in what she was telling me, the damage had been done, the letter had been sent and I could not take it back. She told me she understood that in my mind, I could not justify asking for more than what I really felt I needed or wanted. She understood that I was just trying to be fair and asked for exactly that, the fair amount that I was ok with. But in the mind of an insurance company, they could take advantage of this.

I tried not to think too much about what my attorney friend had said. While I waited for the insurance company’s response, I stayed positive by going to the computer, pulling up a copy of my letter and then would read it over and over again to remind myself of just how fair I had been in my request. As I read my letter, I could feel the fairness and the honesty of my request coming off the page, it would leave me with a feeling of confidence. I knew in my mind, that everything I had asked for, was fair, honest and just. This ritual of reading the letter to remind myself of this, was what kept me from feeling negative or worrying about the outcome of this claim. It would have been so simple for me to be worried sick over this request based on the reluctance of all of the attorneys who had turned me down and even the advice I had received from my lawyer friend who had seen it all before. I had a rather large doctor and rehab bill hanging over my head that we may get stuck paying, and could not afford to pay, if this company decided to be difficult. However, I wouldn’t go there, I just kept reading my letter over and over again and this kept me in a positive state of mine.

3 weeks went by and the Friday before Memorial weekend the phone rang. It was the insurance adjuster, she was calling to let me know the outcome of my settlement request. She said “Hello, Ms. Watanabe, this is Cori with the insurance company, I am calling to let you know that we received your settlement letter “.  I almost choked on my words, but managed to croak out an “Oh?” as I held my breath wondering what she was going to say. She then told me that they had decided to pay me three times what I had asked for and was sending the check in the mail that day. I actually thought I had heard her wrong and asked her to repeat herself again, she then repeated it. Three times, three times what I had asked for is what they were going to pay me.

When I told this story to my chiropractor, he told me in all of the years they had been in practice, they have never heard of an insurance company paying someone MORE than what they asked for in a settlement case. He wanted to know what I said in my letter to get them to do that. In fact one a fellow chiropractor at this office had his own accident settlement claim that he was dealing with and wanted to know if I would help him write his letter for his settlement. What these doctors did not know was that I manifested this outcome in my favor, by my sheer belief. It wasn’t so much the words that I used in my letter, as much as it was the energetic vibration that was behind them.  It was my belief in myself, that I was being honest and fair in my settlement request that clenched the deal. And that insurance company felt that, when they received my letter. The definition of belief is “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something”.  Universal Law is all about belief.

When you truly believe in something, then you cannot lose, you can only win. Belief is a very powerful tool and your best tool for manifestation success.

Author: Jean

I was born and raised mostly in Minnesota, the youngest of 5 girls. I never went onto college as my sisters did, because the only two things I had ever wanted to do was work with horses or pursue music and I figured I would not need a conventional education for either of those. I chose to pursue a career in horse training three days after graduating from high school and did this for many years. Horribly misguided by others I met along the way, I eventually became disillusioned with the horse industry and it's lack of respect for the horses, so I moved on from that and I never looked back. I then went into music, which was my second love and was an aspiring singer/songwriter part time for another 10 years while I worked administrative jobs on the side. This also went to the wayside when it did not take me where I wanted to go. These days I am married and currently live in Colorado with my husband, two dogs and a horse. In looking back on my life I could never understand why I would get so close to reaching my dreams and goals, but then watch them slip away as easily as they had come. As a young horse trainer starting out, I had two very good opportunities to work for a woman who was former world champion rodeo star and also for a close relative of another rodeo star, who had been a world champion many times over. I rejected both of these opportunities early on, but with great regret later, because my head was not in the right place to accept them. Even though I had manifested both opportunities during that time and without realizing what I was doing, was unable to keep them. The same thing happened in the music industry. I had the experience of recording demos in both Austin Texas and Nashville at separate times, and I was given the opportunity to be represented by a few producers in Nashville as well, both eventually going nowhere. These hit and miss opportunities that never really got off the ground, soon became an up and down journey that I went through for several years, until I started studying Universal laws of manifestation. Early on, the first book my cousin had handed me about negative and positive attraction was indeed inspiring, but telling someone to simply think positively is not going to leave a lasting impression, so I fell back into my old ways of finding opportunity and losing opportunity. Years later, I eventually moved onto another book and things went a little deeper, but I was still not quite “getting it” because I had so many questions and felt things were missing in the authors explanation of how this all works. I eventually found The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel and that's when things really came together for me. His explanation of why Universal and Natural Laws of Attraction work by bringing science and spirituality together, instead of separating them as we have been taught, really made a lot of sense to me. All of my questions were answered and the holes were filled in. It was the connection of science and spirituality that made this book a little different than the others. Nothing I had read, had gone quite that deep before. I started to use The Master Key System and saw that opportunities were coming to me a lot more easily than in the past and I was able to keep them. In using these principles, I launched my first successful small business when I was well into my 40’s, as an equine massage therapist and at a time when I thought that I was going to be stuck working mindless admin jobs for the rest of my life. It was amazing how it brought me full circle into working with horses again. I have continued to use The Master Key Principles for every part of my life, both physically and mentally. I am a lifetime, work in progress student and a true believer of these wonderful methods.

2 thoughts on “Belief A Powerful Manifestation Tool

  1. I will give reading Master Key Prinicples a try — I’m glad everything turned out well for you!


    • I think you in particular would like it Jamie. It does overwhelm some people although the chapters are short and very matter of fact, he writes it in that old English style because of the year it was written. But I do believe you will be fine with it. Let me know what you think of it, you can find it online for free and download it to your computer. 🙂