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Ask Before You Do Anything Else

Turning Up The Heat

I used to work for a consumer agency here in Colorado that helped elderly people who were victims of fraudulent dealings or activities. There were very clear lines drawn about what we could and could not tell these elderly folks to do, whenever they would call in asking for help. If they were having trouble with a company over a consumer issue, we were told to tell them to “put their request in writing” to the company, asking them to make it right again.

To be honest, most of the stuff we were “told to do” was pretty useless and it frustrated the hell out of me. As a result of this, I took it a step further, especially when nobody was looking and I got a lot more results. I made phone calls to companies in behalf of the victims and threatened to become more involved if they didn’t make things right with them. I also looked up CEO’s names and would call after hours to get their extension through the company directory and then give it to the victims so they could call and leave messages on their voice mail. No CEO likes this. I had pretty good results and was able to help most of the people who called in. So was it just my aggressive behavior that I was able to get results? No… it certainly helped, but it was because I ASKED for it to be rectified, something most people don’t make the time or the effort to do. You won’t get anything in life, if you don’t ask for it. That is always going to be the first step, before you do anything else.

Have you asked the Universe for happiness in your life lately? Do you ask to be happy on a regular basis? Have you ever asked to be happy? Do you ask for that with your body language, with your thoughts, your vibrational energy or with the words that come out of your mouth, whenever you are talking to someone else? Do you ask for it with inspired action, or by going the extra mile, or by simply taking the time out to slow down and figure out what it is that would make you happy? If you aren’t asking to be happy in every way I described above, then happiness is not coming, not anytime soon anyway. And neither are any of the other things you are asking for as well, because of your half hearted attempt. You can dance around it, in the same way the consumer agency did when trying to assist elderly people in getting justice or reimbursement for the wrong that was done to them, or you can go after it with  passionate action the way I did, when I decided that I would not take no for an answer. The results that I got for these people, was because in my mind and action, I asked for it in every way possible, until the wrong doers I was pursuing, made it right. My action and intention was so clear and they knew I wasn’t going to stop until it was right.

Giving up on having the things you want in life is hard, because it becomes the same small fight over and over again that needles you to death until you are so beaten down with defeat, you stop pursuing it and then accept your undesired situation. Not giving up however is so much easier, because as you pursue and ask for happiness and for your personal goals and dreams to come true, small affirmations are being sent to you on a daily basis to let you know, you have been heard.

My husband and I have had some life changing events that affected our finances greatly, to the point where we had to go into damage control mode quickly, as we figured things out. We both remained calm and confident that everything would be fine and focused on manifesting and visualizing the future that we wanted going forward. Every day I repeatedly asked in my thoughts, vibrational energy and feelings to keep happiness first and financial prosperity second. As I wrote about in my last blog, having happiness as the number one priority in your life, will automatically meet all of your needs in every way, so it can fulfill that happiness request. We had both been doing this simultaneously and Universal Law sent us small affirmations to let us know we were on the right track and it was listening. We won some free groceries through some tickets that we got after we shopped at a local grocery store. Then we won more of those same tickets, so we could win again. This happened twice in a row and during the only two times we played this game. Then we found out that some expensive dental work that Kio needed, could be postponed for 6 months to a year if need be, which was a huge relief. We also received a rather large and unexpected return on our taxes, unlike the year before where we had to pay in quite a bit and broke the bank in doing so. All of these things came in over a two week period and right at the start of our manifestation ritual and asking to be happy as our number one priority.

When small affirmations come through as you pursue things, this lets you know you are on the right track, so then you just need to ask a little louder, so the affirmations become much larger. So keep doing that same thing, just turn it up a little bit, sort of like a burner on a stove. Keep applying that heat until it reaches satisfactory conditions.

I cannot begin to tell you how many friends and people I have met in my life who would complain about some awful thing or rotten deal they got when dealing with a company or person, where they lost money when it was paid in good faith. My question to them was always, well did you contact the corporate office? Did you speak to a manager? Did you call a consumer agency or your financial banking institution to see if you could reverse the charge on your credit card, since they did not hold up their end of the deal? The answer has always been “No… no I didn’t. It’s not worth the fight, or I won’t win, or I just want to move on, or you can’t fight those big companies” etc. Really? It’s not worth the fight?

 Did you even ask anyone?

This is the kind of give up attitude that keeps co-dependent and unhappy people in their bad situation, never to rise above it.  Often times companies will make things right with you, if they know what happened and… if… you… ASK. But people don’t ask companies nor do they ask Universal Law for what they really want in life.

So the big question for today is once again, are you asking for happiness in every way possible? Ponder on this awhile and see where it is that you fall short. Make sure you examine if you are asking for happiness or misery in your day to day action and thinking. Remember your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so if the house is falling down, it’s time to remodel. And do not be afraid to ask, you won’t get it until you do.

Author: Jean

I was born and raised mostly in Minnesota, the youngest of 5 girls. I never went onto college as my sisters did, because the only two things I had ever wanted to do was work with horses or pursue music and I figured I would not need a conventional education for either of those. I chose to pursue a career in horse training three days after graduating from high school and did this for many years. Horribly misguided by others I met along the way, I eventually became disillusioned with the horse industry and it's lack of respect for the horses, so I moved on from that and I never looked back. I then went into music, which was my second love and was an aspiring singer/songwriter part time for another 10 years while I worked administrative jobs on the side. This also went to the wayside when it did not take me where I wanted to go. These days I am married and currently live in Colorado with my husband, two dogs and a horse. In looking back on my life I could never understand why I would get so close to reaching my dreams and goals, but then watch them slip away as easily as they had come. As a young horse trainer starting out, I had two very good opportunities to work for a woman who was former world champion rodeo star and also for a close relative of another rodeo star, who had been a world champion many times over. I rejected both of these opportunities early on, but with great regret later, because my head was not in the right place to accept them. Even though I had manifested both opportunities during that time and without realizing what I was doing, was unable to keep them. The same thing happened in the music industry. I had the experience of recording demos in both Austin Texas and Nashville at separate times, and I was given the opportunity to be represented by a few producers in Nashville as well, both eventually going nowhere. These hit and miss opportunities that never really got off the ground, soon became an up and down journey that I went through for several years, until I started studying Universal laws of manifestation. Early on, the first book my cousin had handed me about negative and positive attraction was indeed inspiring, but telling someone to simply think positively is not going to leave a lasting impression, so I fell back into my old ways of finding opportunity and losing opportunity. Years later, I eventually moved onto another book and things went a little deeper, but I was still not quite “getting it” because I had so many questions and felt things were missing in the authors explanation of how this all works. I eventually found The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel and that's when things really came together for me. His explanation of why Universal and Natural Laws of Attraction work by bringing science and spirituality together, instead of separating them as we have been taught, really made a lot of sense to me. All of my questions were answered and the holes were filled in. It was the connection of science and spirituality that made this book a little different than the others. Nothing I had read, had gone quite that deep before. I started to use The Master Key System and saw that opportunities were coming to me a lot more easily than in the past and I was able to keep them. In using these principles, I launched my first successful small business when I was well into my 40’s, as an equine massage therapist and at a time when I thought that I was going to be stuck working mindless admin jobs for the rest of my life. It was amazing how it brought me full circle into working with horses again. I have continued to use The Master Key Principles for every part of my life, both physically and mentally. I am a lifetime, work in progress student and a true believer of these wonderful methods.

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